“from humble beginnings to state of the art surf equipment”

Jamie Carr

Jamie Carr - Surfer, shaper, family man. In 2007, JCD began in a Newcastle backyard. Which slowly evolved into opening a new factory in Wickham, Newcastle. JCD is dedicated to supplying top quality Australian made custom surfboards at a reasonable price, whilst not compromising on quality. JCD boards are hand shaped and customised to each unique surfer. From high-performance mals, mid-lengths, twins and shortboard, JCD does it all.

JCD is constantly working on and forever evolving quality surf craft. From the everyday surfer to the aspiring pro. We continually refine and experiment with new technology to create extremely accurate surfboards of all shapes and sizes, whilst pushing and testing the limits of board design. The love of surf craft has got us here today and will have us here for the future.